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SharePoint: Remove URL from Lookup columns using JavaScript

If you want to remove URL from the Lookup columns in SharePoint, just copy and paste the following code into the page. <div id="scriptdiv"></div> <script language="javascript"> var CTXMAX = 5; function RemoveLookupAfterPageLoad() { var table, i=1, ctx; // Remove lookup links while(i<=CTXMAX) { eval("if(typeof ctx" + i + " != 'undefined') ctx = ctx" +… Read More »

Review of InfoPath forms functionality in Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS)

I got some hands on experience about Business Productivity Online Suite(BPOS). Its a great tool for small companies who wants to have exchange server, office communicator, sharepoint and live meeting for their business needs. I do have experience with SharePoint and InfoPath but this assignment was quite challenging. Well, What’s the challenge? New assignment requires… Read More »