Improve Attunity driver performance when extracting millions of rows from Oracle

By | March 26, 2016

Attunity driver for extracting data from Oracle is faster but if you are extracting millions of rows from Oracle and you think it is slower than anticipated, make sure you change the following advanced settings

Right click on Oracle Data Source and click on “Show Advanced Editor…”.


Oracle Source Right Click

Go to “Component Properties” tab and under “Custom Properties” > “BatchSize”.

Oracle Source Advanced Editor

Oracle Source Advanced Editor

The default batch size is 100 which means that as soon as 100 rows are fetched, it will be sent down the pipeline. If you are using cloud environment, sending through pipeline has extra overhead causing performance degradation while fetching millions of rows. Instead, increase the BatchSize value to 10000 and you will feel the performance difference. 10000 is my magic number and worked in all the situations for me but you may have to find your own magic number by experimenting with it

2 thoughts on “Improve Attunity driver performance when extracting millions of rows from Oracle

  1. prasanth

    I do have 1 billion records to process from oracle Attunity source whose output is join of 4 large tables.What would the properties be to set in source to extract data faster.

  2. Vishal Monpara Post author

    Hi Prashanth,

    There are two things to consider when you want to improve performance.
    1) The query should be optimized (left/right join, where conditions, indexes etc)
    2) As mentioned in this post, change the BatchSize number to 5000/10000/15000 or any other number and experiment with it to find the right number for your environment.

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