Get rid of want to save changes to book1 in Microsoft Excel

By | October 25, 2017

Recently, whenever I open the Excel and close it, it always prompts me to save changes to book1 even though I have not made any changes. This started happening very recently. It is very strange that once the Excel is open and if I create new workbook and close it, it does not prompt me. I have verified that there is no hidden spreadsheet.

I found out that it is due to MySQL for Excel component installed when I installed MySQL. I removed this component and problem went away.

Vishal Monpara is a full stack Solution Developer/Architect with 12 years of experience primarily using Microsoft stack. He is currently working in Retail industry and moving 1’s and 0’s from geographically dispersed hard disks to geographically dispersed user leveraging geographically dispersed team members.

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