Crash FreeTextBox using Javascript

By | December 28, 2006

Would you like to crash FreeTextBox? Here is the trick. Visit the page

Click on HTML view and copy/paste the following code.

<script language="javascript">alert("Hi");</script>

Press “Save” button. This will convert your code into

<script language="javascript">

Note that “a” is missing. Pretty interesting!!! hmmmmmm….
Now again click on HTML view and copy/paste following code

<script language="javascript">

Now you will see error….. Hurray…… You crashed FreeTextBox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now you might think how can I write javascript in FreeTextBox? Here is the solution.

<script language="javascript">
<!--	alert("Hi"); -->

Now it will perfectly show you script and will execute without any problem.

2 thoughts on “Crash FreeTextBox using Javascript

  1. saeeid

    i am saeed
    i am new jsp programer (no perfetional) ; i need a richtext box for my site;
    but i can not find it;
    pliz help me
    thank you

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